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Former Compulsive Overeater Now ~ Expert Weight Loss Coach ~Award-Winning Diet/Health Author ~ Co-host of Sparkpeople.com Radio ~ The #1 Fitness/Weight Loss Site in America!


Lily’s goal is inspire millions to recognize the key their bodies play in allowing them to lose weight, starting today, the natural, pleasurable and permanent way!


Welcome to Weight Loss With Lily

I’m so glad you found me! I created this site because I struggled with a compulsion around food for fifteen incredibly long and frustrating years. Every day was challenging for me because I didn’t know how to deal with my stronger emotions…the biggies like anger, boredom, stress and overwhelm, so I turned to food…again and again! I hated my body for what I considered a “betrayal.” I blamed it for my excess weight, and tried every diet you can imagine to try and lose that extra sixty pounds. It took me a while to figure out that the culprit in my excess weight was not my body, but my mind and all of the negative thoughts I ran through it daily.

It was my body, once I learned to listen to it rather than ignore it, that would lead me to my natural and ideal weight, without dieting or denying myself my favorite foods! ~

I started losing weight when I started listening to my body.
My body led me to my current weight because I stopped stuffing it with food it wasn’t asking for and tuned into it’s genius…and believe me when I say ….

You are walking around in a brilliant Einstein of a body that can not only help you to lose weight, but also guide you to having more joy in every area of your life! ~

The purpose of this site is to provide you with the resources that will take you to your healthiest weight, and provide you with instruction and inspiration to make it happen right away…starting today!

The links on this site will take you to videos that describe the keys to losing weight, and other resources that will support you in overcoming overeating so that you can get in the best shape of your life, mentally and physically.

The two are intimately connected, and since you can have both…why not! I am an expert healthy weight coach that supports clients all over the country in experiencing peace and pleasure around food…as they connect with their true physical appetites rather than eating for emotional reasons. I am passionate about what I do because I know how miserable living at a weight that doesn’t feel natural for you can be.

The great news is…no matter how many years you have been overeating, you can break the habit~

How do I know this? Because if I did…anyone can. I used to be so consumed with food, so obsessive about eating, that I couldn’t go five minutes without thinking about it. I didn’t think I could stop my overeating cycle, even though I wanted to more than anything in the world, more than winning the lottery or the Nobel Peace Prize. Crazy but true!

Now I’m living at my healthiest and most ideal weight, I love eating more than ever before and I very rarely think about food unless I am truly physically hungry. The same can be true for you! I’m going to give you every tip, secret, trick and perspective I gathered to make the transition.

So it’s not a matter of “if” you are going to lose weight if you listen to your body, rather it is a question of “when.”

And that’s entirely up to you.

Compulsive eating is not something you can get over by “dabbling” in change, you must commit to it 100% if you want to make the shift rapidly.

Of course, if you commit at the 50% level you’ll still see change…just not as rapidly. And something in me tells me you are looking for immediate results…

I invite you to visit this page frequently for new inspiration and resources. I’m going to do my best to provide you with master level weight loss coaching so that you can free up your energy towards other areas of your life that need your attention and energy.

I coach on an individual basis, and I also do group coaching and cyber-coaching…so if you are ready to be living at your ideal weight…don’t wait (excuse the pun).

Contact me today and I’ll give you the guidance I most wanted when I was battling my own compulsive eating disorder….effective, efficient, compassionate, inspirational, honest and enjoyable support that will allow for permanent weight loss! ~

I wish you tremendous joy on your journey back to a loving and healthy relationship with your body and I feel privileged to be a part of your journey!

Joy Galore,

LilyWeight Loss With Lily - Start Losing Weight Today


Books and Products by Lily Hills


The Body Love Manual - Learn More Here

The Award Winning Book The Body Love Manual – By Elizabeth "Lily" Hills

USA Book News Award Winner!

Book of the Year Finalist!

The Body Love Manual – How to Love the Body You Have As You Create the Body You Want

Two thirds of all Americans are wanting to lose weight permanently … this Bible of Weight Loss book will tell them how.

Called “A work of monumental importance,” The award winning “Body Love Manual- How to Love the Body You Have As You Create the Body You Want” is a revolutionary, compassionate and highly inspirational book which offers a non-diet approach to losing weight permanently by tapping into the wisdom of your body. Written by a woman who has overcome obesity, a highly compulsive relationship with food and a obsessively judgmental relationship with her own body, The Body Love Manual explains from a physical and mental perspective why diets do not work and how body judgment drives the emotional appetites that lead to weight gain. The information contained in the book assists you in discovering what is driving the urge to eat when you are not truly hungry and offers the 10 keys to achieving your natural weight without dieting. To support you in staying connected to your true physical hungers, the book also offers specific tools to help you deal with the difficult emotions or ingrained habits that compel you to eat impulsively. As an added bonus The Body Love Manual offers a thirty-day “partnership” program which assists you and a chosen partner in teaming up to make the transition away from compulsive overeating towards eating in synchronicity with your true physical appetites. Destined to become ‘The Bible of Weight Loss Books,” The Body Love Manual is a life changing book!


The Body Love Manual Audio Book: Coming February 2012 – The information in the book transformed the author’s relationship with her body and food…and it can change yours.  Check out TheBodyLoveManual.com for more information or to order your autographed copy today.

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A Feminine Manifesta –

Learn More Here
















A Feminine Manifesta –

Do you tend to be hard on yourself? Judging yourself for what you look like and what you are or are not doing? Do you have a difficult time acknowledging or appreciating yourself? Are you tired of this seemingly endless loop?

In this ground breaking and life changing book A Feminine Manifesta, authors and lifelong best friends, Lily Hills and Karen Hudson explore how women have accidentally disempowered and sabotaged themselves by being their own worst critics, making their daily lives far more stressful and far less joyful than they could be. On a broader scale the book speaks to the fact that women’s collective self-denigration as a gender has not only diluted our influence in a world in desperate need of our social, spiritual and political contributions, but has also prevented us from uniting in ways that would benefit the entire planet. In order to support women in accessing the very best of who they are, their confident, joyous, wise and courageous selves, A Feminine Manifesta offers women three simple steps that will help them to dramatically reduce the optional stress in their lives as they step into their strongest and healthiest selves and access the joy that is their birthright. “Like The Feminine Mystique, A Feminine Manifesta has the potential to initiate the next women movement, one in which women come together from their most empowered selves to make the world a better place for ALL humankind.”–


For autographed copies, go to: AFeminineManifesta.com - A Feminine Manifesta is available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble and all other major retail book chains

For International orders, Book Clubs & larger volume orders,

please contact us at:


Master Your Mind – Master Your Weight Program:

Do you ever wish that you had someone at your side, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week that could help you to overcome the urge to eat when you are not hungry? A trusted companion and master coach who could “talk you down from the ledge” before you eat compulsively? One of the biggest challenges in making the shift to eating in harmony with your body for permanent weight loss  is that your untamed mind gets so loud in its demands for you to eat something immediately, that it is difficult to hear the rational voice of your tamed mind saying, “just wait until you are hungry.” Other times that voice of reason, the one that says you want to be living at your healthiest weight more than anything, is so subtle that you can’t hear it, but you find yourself reaching for that package of Oreos or bag of Doritos as if on autopilot. That’s where the Master Your Mind Master Your Weight Online Support Program comes in. Narrated by Lily herself, this 11 course training program will be the voice of reason that will calm you and center you so that you can overcome the urge to binge eat entirely.

With a push of a button coaching that you can access from the comfort and convenience of your own home, this overcoming overeating program will make getting to your natural weight much, much easier. With three different binge transcending tracks, each providing unique approaches to relaxing you and giving you access to your wisest and most empowered self, this program will be like a trusted friend that you can turn to twenty-four hours a day when you feel unable to resist the urge to eat compulsively on your own. The Master Your Mind Master Your Weight program also includes a bonus track which will “keep you company” any time you choose to eat when you are NOT hungry. Why is this of value? Because hearing Lily’s voice calmly guide you as you are eating the food you are not hungry for will help to “wake you up” and get you to shift away from the food before your binge gets out of control. She created this bonus track because she knows that sometimes the urge to eat is too powerful to resist, but she also knows that she can support you in minimizing the binge through her gentle guidance, which will remind you to eat slowly and consciously. It will feel like you’re dining with the expert guidance of Lily right there in the room! This Bonus track will be enormously helpful in helping you to reach that wise part of your tamed mind that will support you in putting the food away, just for the moment and waiting just until you are truly hungry.  There is a 30 day money back guarantee on this product, so you have nothing to lose but excess weight!

For more information click here www.MasterYourMindMasterYourWeight.com

All Lily’s Products come with an unconditional 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, simply return your item for a full refund.

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Weight Loss With Lily - Start Losing Weight Today